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A Proud Day at Pine Valley Preschool

Pine Village Preschool celebrates their 2014 graduates at Kendall Square!


Felicitaciones to Pine Village Preschool’s Class of 2014! Parents, grandparents, and other family members recently gathered at Kendall Square’s North Plaza Café to celebrate “graduation” from the Pine Village program. For some youngsters, the rite of passage marked their final day at the center.


For the past four years, Pine Village Preschool has been a unique Kendall neighbor, offering a modern Spanish Immersion approach to child development for Toddlers and Preschoolers. PVP helps launch children on a path toward global citizenship by jumpstarting their world language proficiency during the development stage where it’s easiest to absorb two languages and by strengthening their multi-cultural awareness.


On a relaxed, sunny graduation afternoon, every child at the school participated in a joyful ceremony, which highlighted the seeds of creativity, acceptance and inclusion that have flowered during their time at the school. First, younger students marched one-by-one across the courtyard, where they performed a special Spanish song and dance for their proud families before receiving “Stepping Up” certificates in recognition of their growth and accomplishments over the past year.

 The Pre-K graduation ceremony capped the affair as the students participated in a heartwarming traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” march and then happily accepted their diplomas.  Kendall Square congratulates and salutes all of the kindergarten-bound kids:  Buena suerte y tener veranos increíbles!