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Thursday at #KSQ

Visit the MatriArts tent at the Farmers' Market at Kendall Square this Thursday on the South Plaza from 11-2pm!

MatriArts is an international nongovernmental organization that fosters African women's arts (or matriarts), as well as parallels within other cultures, and promotes their socio-economic value. The vision is to enable artists to develop sustainable micro-enterprises around these matriarts, through which they can generate income and combat issues that adversely affect them. Consequently, MatriArts facilitates initiatives that fulfill a purpose, further a vision and inspire the creation of ventures that foster other disciplines in which African women excel.

The MatriArts Museum

MatriArts Museum was created to conserve and ensure the continuity of African women's arts (or matriarts), as well as parallels within other cultures. The vision of the museum is to revive matriarts that are extinct or in danger of extinction, particularly those with holistic, healing (or regenerative) and/or transformative qualities. The objective is to emphasize the relevance of matriarts while enabling the artists to share their rich cultural heritage with the global community. Using digital and other technologies that enable a direct experience of these matriarts, particularly within their cultural context, MatriArts seeks to inspire a global participation in their conservation, continuity and revival. 

This Week's Other Participating Vendors

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