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Coming June 2017: Zing Bowls!

Zing Bowls are back! We are lucky to welcome this power couples Brazilian Super Food to the market again this spring! They will be treating our taste buds and our bodies to the benefits of acai and quinoa bowls, frozen acai puree's, and their signature Brazilian cheese rolls! 

 Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Alex Pereira and his wife are no strangers to beautiful rain forests, music, art, and of course unique foods. They successfully got their business up and running in August of last year and actually made their very first direct sale to you, the valued customers of Kendall Square. 

They bring us their culture through meal bowls filled with organic, natural fruits and vegetables,  straight from Brazil, Peru, and local farms. The foundation of all their bowls is vitamin and protein filled super foods; quinoa and acai berries. From there they build delicious healthy all natural bowls that will provide you with nutrients and energy your body will thrive on. They are passionate about life being full of happiness fueled by good food. 

These ambassadors for health also have big goals in the works!! Not only will they be selling their bowls, acai puree's, and Brazilian cheese rolls at farmers markets, online, and through home deliver, they plan to open their first brick and mortar in June of 2017. We are so excited to support and watch this company grow with us through the market and beyond! 

Make sure to stop in and check them out this spring at the Farmer's Market at Kendall Square and on their website 2017!  Click Here for Zing Bowls