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Coming June 2017: Honey Pot Maple Farm

That's right...the new vendors for 2017 keep rolling in! We are sure to bring you a little bit of everything this season with a few twists up our sleeve! 

Honey Pot Farm is the newest addition to our growing family of vendors. This small family run farm out of Wilmington, MA will be sure to satisfy not only your local honey needs but will also bring you farm fresh eggs and unfiltered natural maple syrup straight from acres of their own maple trees. They have a second farm location in Plaistow, NH that provides the same quality products to the residents there. 

Rob and Melissa are not only successfully raising three young children but they passionately run their farm with the mission to bring you their products the way "nature intended" ; unfiltered, chemical free, and all natural. Their farm is home to hundreds of beautiful Maple trees, countless buzzing bee's, and happy egg producing chickens. If you ask us, whether you're a child or a chicken this is the way to grow up!

They treat their chickens, trees, and hives with the utmost care as they all work together to make the farm go round. Never using harsh chemicals or harmful fertilizers in growing their maple trees, they make way for their bees to take advantage of an early nectar flow each season. This is a beautiful partnership that creates the dark sweet honey we all love while at the same time fresh maple syrup for your pancakes. They say you may find an occasional bee wing or bit of honey comb in your jar, but that just shows how true they are to their word to provide you with the least processed and tainted product possible.

If we could change the phrase to "happy as a chicken" that would best describe this family's coop. These chickens are never fed growth hormones or exposed to harmful pesticides on the farm. Most eggs go straight from the nest to the carton. If need be they are hand washed with gentle soap, warm water and love. You can confidently buy these eggs knowing these chickens live the best life possible. 

Come support a family run business this spring at the Farmer's Market at Kendall Square. They also specialize in small honey pot party favors for your baby shower, bridal shower, or small event!

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