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Coming Spring 2017: Atlantic Saltworks

Our 2017 vendors keep amazing us with their unique locally sourced small batch products! We would like to introduce you to "Atlantic Saltworks" out of New England's own beautiful shores of Gloucester, MA.

George and Jodi Bradbury have been married for 15 years and seem to have the secret of life figured out...life partners...business partners...sprinkled with a little bit of salty and sweet. Jodi is the master baker of the two but they have hand in hand owned and operated "Jodi Bee Bakes"  for four years. Their newest entrepreneurial endeavor is "Atlantic Saltworks".  They took over the company in 2016 and have been running with it ever since. Once they began using "flake finishing salt" exclusively on their scrumptious sea salt brownies and chocolate cookies they were hooked and inspired! Everyone should be so lucky to run two successful businesses that compliment each other so well. I don't know which I'm craving more...a summer time swim or a chocolate and sea salt fix?? I think we can have it all.

Atlantic Saltworks sea salt is hand harvested straight out of the North Shore Atlantic.There is no better way to add flavor with a bit of crunch to your favorite meals and baked goods than a sea salt that is so locally sourced. It is naturally filtered by the high salinity of the Northern Atlantic and the native shellfish of the area, creating a unique unforgettable flavor, "ocean to table". 

This is not just your run of the mill table salt. They offer it in four different varieties for all your salt needs; Flake, Grinder, Kosher, and Mineral. "Flake Salt" is the anchor of their ship. As their original product it adds the textured, flavorful, crunchy finishing touch to any of your favorite meals. "Grinder Salt" is for your family table. It's delicate structure adds a more subtle flavor with less of a crunch for those who like a more traditional salt fix . Mineral salt is where the real salt magic from the sea comes in. It can be used in pickling and fermenting all your favorite vegetables of the season. But my personal favorite, lies is in getting your "sea vitamins" through salt scrubs and beauty products to keep your skin looking fresh and naturally clean. 

Atlantic Saltworks has "seasoned" the salt game, so to speak. You can find their classic original salt along with their innovative peppercorn medley grinder, herb rubs, and lemon and coffee flavored sea salts across New England. From the sweeping farmlands of Deerfield, Ma to our own busy city hub of Cambridge there is sure to be a vendor near you that sells these naturally produced ocean seasonings! Be sure not to miss Atlantic Saltworks at the Farmer's Market at Kendall Square on the following dates: Opening day - June 1st, July 13, August 3, and September 21. See you there!