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Bailey and Sage is all the Rage

Welcome to the neighborhood Bailey & Sage


We’re beginning to feel spoiled with the amount of amazing lunch options here in Kendall Square! Bailey & Sage is the newest addition to the palate pleasing eateries here in KS.  The not-your-average salad and sandwich shop’s 5 Cambridge Center locale is the second area B&S which also boasts a location in downtown Boston’s financial district.

Like its delectable neighbors, Bailey & Sage doesn’t scrimp on the ingredients – or the creativity. Last week we were salivating over the meatloaf sandwich with maple bacon mustard.

On the menu find sandwiches that are anything but “traditional,” read: the Vegan friendly T.L.T. and salads packed with so many yummy ingredients (I see you Kale!) that you’ll be enjoying half of your salad for dinner. 

And like their Kendall Square neighbors, Bailey & Sage (@BaileyAndSage) loves to tweet. Hop on the twitterverse and find out their daily specials before waiting in line – because believe us, there will be a line!

To find out more, visit Bailey&Sage.com