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Eat @Kendall: Firebrand Saints

Eat @ Kendall - Firebrand Saints


Boasting delicious and unusual flavor combinations, Firebrand Saints is the best type of burger joint -- the kind that makes stuffing your mouth a delight. With choices like the lamb and sirloin burger with spicy pickles and the slow roasted beef French Dip Au Jus with melted Vermont cheddar, lunch can’t come soon enough!

 (Image via www.tankdesign.com/work/firebrand-saints)


Firebrand Saints is designed as a hipster haven and the menu reflects that vibe. Funky favorites include deviled eggs, “complicated” salad, and a mezze bar which is perfect for vegetarians. Beyond burgers, there’s plenty of amazing sandwiches, including the pancetta and pulled chicken. A favorite veggie option is the Harvested Mushroom sandwich with a delectable red pepper tapenade, freshly grilled asparagus, and smoked mozzarella. Pair any sandwich with a side of steak fries for a hearty meal.

 (Image via www.firebrandsaints.com/menu) 

Firebrand Saints is not just about eating; it offers 8 different varieties of domestic and imported beer on tap including Dogfish Head, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Guinness. It also offers the signature Firebrand Saint cocktail and the light and sweet Cava Rosé Sangria.

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In keeping with its hip reputation, Firebrand Saints literally has an electric atmosphere, anchored by a huge jumbotron projector that casts images against the wall. A more laidback dining experience is available on rustic but comfortable patio benches.


Firebrand Saints- tested by fire, fueled by cool, approved by Eat @ Kendall Square!