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Eat @ Kendall: Getting to know Tatte Bakery & Café’s Tzurit

Eat @ Kendall - 5 Questions with Tatte Bakery & Cafe's Tzurit Or


Tzurit Or is not your average award-winning pastry chef. After all, how many food artisans can say they produced documentaries about the history of Rome and the whale shark (the world’s largest fish) before shifting gears and emigrating to the United States to take on the challenge of building the amazing Tatte Bakery & Café, which now has three Cambridge locations in Kendall Square, one in Brookline and a new Boston location coming this fall. 

 (Image provided by Tatte Bakery & Café)


That’s right, the one and only Tzurit!  Tatte, which has an online store and also sells products via Williams-Sonoma, is the exquisite expression of Tzurit’s love and passion for the delicious cakes, cookies and creations she began baking at the age of 12 with her mother on an Israeli kibbutz (farm.) Tatte blends carefully sourced raw ingredients, culinary artistry, and an amazing team of bakers to deliver real, honest, simply wonderful fare such as mouthwatering cheesecakes, scrumptious Apple and Pear Tart Tatines,  pistachio croissants, signature nut box creations (Pistachio? Petit almond? So many choices!) and much, much more. We recently asked Tzurit five questions to learn about her business, passion … and her ‘dream’ dinner guests.

 (Image provided by Tatte Bakery & Café)


What motivated you to enter the hospitality business?

 The love and passion for food and what goes into creating, making and baking it. The possibilities with raw ingredients, with fruits and nuts, are endless. It can blow your mind if you really dig in and give it your all. I welcome the opportunity to make a change in the way people appreciate and eat pastries and food.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

 Always follow your heart and make sure you are best at it. That is a bit of cliché but that’s how I function. If it’s not in my heart, it’s never going to work.


What is your favorite menu ingredient and why?

 That’s a tough one for me! I have plenty of favorites. When it comes to food, I cannot make up my mind—unlike other aspects in life. I usually order 80% of the menu every time I go out to eat. I have to try, explore, I cannot miss a bit of it.

  (Image provided by Tatte Bakery & Café)


What’s the one food or beverage you can’t live without?

 Just one? Not possible!  Bread and butter, my pear tart, the best espresso and water with fresh mint are a few.


What about Kendall Square inspires your work?

 Everything! The mix of cultures in one big square. The mix of businesses and business opportunities. The idea that every aspect of your business can be tested. And the very big chance that international cultures will experience my product, welcome it and appreciate everything that goes into making it.  


Bonus question: If you had the opportunity to invite four people (alive or deceased) to dinner, who would they be?

 Hillary and Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres (Israeli President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who I've met and interviewed before as a film producer) and Bono. I don’t believe I could eat if this actually happened… but I would take good care of them! ☺