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Eat @ Kendall - Moo Moo’s Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

Eat @ Kendall - Moo Moo's Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt!


Summer time and ice cream go together like Bert and Ernie, like Venus and Mars, like milk and … let’s just say, ice cream is the ultimate summertime treat! With the warm weather season upon us, it’s a great time to talk about Moo Moo’s, the new frozen treat kiosk located on the North Plaza outside 650 East Kendall Street that is run by the good folks from the Squeaky Beaker Cafe.


For starter’s Moo Moo’s is dishing out traditional ice cream AND soft serve frozen yogurt. This is an important distinction. This establishment places a big emphasis on tasty FroYo as well as traditional ice cream scoops and cones. As you can see from the images, the staff does not skimp on quantity as well as quality! There is a limited amount of hard serve FroYo as well (such as Black Raspberry) so be sure to ask when you visit.



The ice cream is just as heavenly as the FroYo. Sinful flavors such as a decadent Chocolate Mousse, a magical Coconut Butterfinger and the sublime Burnt Sugar set Moo Moo’s apart from standard summertime ice cream stand. Look for more interesting flavors as the summer goes on (for example, the newly introduced Green tea!) The ice cream here is creamy, rich and perfectly chilled (not too cold, just right.) Moo Moo’s also boasts 22 toppings that are hot, creamy and delectably sweet. These include unlikely delights such as maple syrup, Dulce de Leche, and dried chunks of pineapple.