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Eat @ Kendall- Voltage Coffee

Eat @ Kendall - Voltage Coffee

“Inspired. Totally Wired.”


Spring might be here but coffee is a necessity every day during every season. Voltage Coffee serves awesome coffee and tea, breakfast sandwiches & bagels in the morning, and sandwiches at lunchtime. They actually just announced this week that they will be serving food all day Monday through Friday so you can get your voltage fix all day long now!

Not only do we love Voltages coffee and sandwiches but we love how the coffee shops doubles as an art exhibit. What could be better than sipping on a latte, with a leaf design may we add, as you admire local art around the café? Most recently, Voltage featured an art exhibit called “Fun-A-Day Boston.” “Fun-A-Day” is an annual art project in which participants start the year doing something fun or creative during the month of January. These fun moments were shared in Voltage Coffee the past month. Stay tuned for what the next art exhibit will be!



If having great coffee, food, and art wasn’t enough we also love how social and engaging Voltage Café is on Twitter! They love connecting and sharing with customers! You can connect with them too @VoltageCoffee. So next time you need that midday pick me up or just want to enjoy some art with a sandwich stop by Voltage Café! See you there!