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Eat @ Kendall - Za

Eat @ Kendall - Za Restaurant serves delicious pizza, salads, and desserts all made with fresh ingredients!


We are always excited to welcome unique and healthy restaurants in Kendall Square and Za happens to be one of our new favorites! At Za you can experience pizzas, salads, and desserts all made with fresh ingredients! Therefore you can indulge in this delicious food without any guilt.



The menu is often changing due to the variety of fresh and seasonal ingredients. This ensures Za is providing you with the best and most delicious food during any given season. Whether you are in the area or heading home and passing Za you can dine in or take out and bring a fresh pizza home. Also don’t forget the homemade desserts, coffee and tea Za has to offer!

At Za, you can experience an EVOO spin on pizza and salad. EVOO is also located in Kendall Square and is Za’s sister restaurant! Both places feature organic, local and sustainable ingredients to provide you with a healthy eating lifestyle.  You can visit the EVOO website at evoorestaurant.com.

Za also has a location in Arlington at 138 Massachusetts Ave in case you aren’t in Kendall Square! If you are in Kendall Square or heading there for the day you can check out Za at 350 Third St and can contact the restaurant at 617-452-9292.