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Curated in Kendall

Curated in Kendall Check out This Week’s Top 5

1) Unicorn Blood – The cold-pressed juice at Mother Juice with the best name is also the most delicious.  Who knew unicorns were made of beets, carrots, celery, watermelon and pineapple. 

2) Rooftop Radishes - Did you know EVOO grows veggies on their roof! From radishes to lettuce, if you’ve dined at EVOO the past few months, chances are your salad was grown above your head!

3) Milky Masterpieces - Thought the art on Voltage Coffee’s walls is amazing – the art in your mug is even better. From skulls and hearts to flowers and intricate designs, the Latte Art the baristas are creating at this Kendall Square coffee shop deserve a gallery of their own.   

4) Libation Tasting – Cambridge Spirits loves to invite Kendall Square in for a happy hour drink (well…a taste.) The newest, coolest and latest bevvies on the market are frequently featured during their 5-7 p.m. tastings! 7-year-old single Malt Irish Whiskey, fancy beer from Dogfish Head and Black Fig Vodka. Check them out on Facebook for details.

5) Futuristic Food – We’re not surprised that the food of the future is being served here in Kendall.  Last week’s opening of the luxury laboratory Café ArtScience officially bridged science and supper.  Save us a seat at the WikiBar.