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Farmers’ Market - Vendor of the Week

Farmers' Market Vendor of the Week - Frietas Farm



Vendor of the Week: Frietas Farm

Each Thursday we are lucky to have a number of awesome vendors at our Farmers’ Markets. While it would be near impossible to pick our favorite of the bunch, there are some vendors who join us weekly and that get great customer feedback. This week, we are happy to announce that Frietas Farm is our featured vendor! We love that they put together awesome “lunch specials” which typically include seasonal fruits and produce that can serve as your afternoon meal all at a set price!

Kendall Square: What makes your company special?

Frietas: “We are a family run farm. We’ve been providing food for eastern Massachusetts for the last 50 years!”


Kendall Square: What is your favorite item that you sell?

Frietas: “I enjoy the seasonal fruits. June strawberries, then blueberries. -now we’re into peaches and apples”


Kendall Square: What is one surprising or interesting fact about something you sell?

Frietas: “We grow everything we sell on our farm!”


Kendall Square: Do you have any exciting projects/products planned for the future?

Frietas: We are currently building a new greenhouse to use and are starting to focus on herbs. We’re also hoping to start selling fermented products.


What’s your favorite part of coming to Kendall Square?

Frietas: “The atmosphere is great. It’s small, but in a great location!”

As the season changes from summer to fall, we can’t wait to see the different produce that Frietas Farms brings to the table. Our favorite thing about them - if you ask when items were harvested, the answer is usually “this morning.” We love the idea of farm-to-table meals – and trading traditional sweets for the natural indulgence of same-day picked fruit.