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Farmers’ Market Vendor of the Week: Swissbakers

Meet our Vendor of the Week: Swissbakers!


Each Thursday we are lucky to have a number of awesome vendors at our Farmers’ Markets. While it would be nearly impossible to pick a favorite, a few of our weekly vendors are consistently praised by Farmers’ Market customers.  This week, we are happy to announce that Swissbakers is our featured vendor! TJ and Mike Motto are part of the dedicated group of people who work at Swissbakers, home of the breads and sweets that will melt in your mouth but not leave you feeling sick. Everything from Swissbakers is hand-made, fresh and contains no additives or artificial ingredients. In addition to loving the quality of the breads and treats, we are always entertained by TJ and Mike’s enthusiasm and positive energy.


Vendor of the Week: Swissbakers: TJ & Mike Motto

Kendall: What makes your company special?

TJ & Mike Motto: We are more intimate and friendly as opposed to other places.

Kendall: What is your favorite item that you sell?

TJ & Mike Motto: Choco Weggli (light, buttery roll with Swiss chocolate chips)

Kendall: What is one surprising or interesting fact about you/something you sell?

TJ & Mike Motto: The day you buy our projects, they are zero calories.

Kendall: Why do you sell at the Farmers’ Market?

TJ & Mike Motto: It’s fun and exciting. It is a different atmosphere than our actual bakery.

Kendall: What’s your favorite part of coming to Kendall Square?

TJ & Mike Motto: The people are very welcoming.