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Fresh Perspective: Daniele, Inc. & Cambridge Energy Alliance

Fresh Perspective: Daniele, Inc. & Cambridge Energy Alliance

The Kendall Farmer’s Market celebrates many things—fresh and locally grown/prepared food, the vibrant summer months and the great neighborhood where the event takes place every Thursday during the late spring, summer and fall months. Thanks to the Community Table partnership program, the market also salutes organizations and individuals who support sustainable agriculture, healthy eating and a clean environment.

This week’s Community Table hosts the Cambridge Energy Alliance, who will offer Kendall Square workers and residents some easy opportunities to save money on energy costs while benefitting the environment through a reduced carbon footprint. And this week’s featured vendor Daniele, Inc. embodies the “shop local” spirit, selling delicious meats produced locally and distributed in Rhode Island.

Talk about some local goodness! We hope to see you this week at the Kendal l Farmers’ Market on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For over 30 years, Daniele, Inc. has provided some of the world’s finest charcuterie (that’s French for butchered meats) here in the USA. When it comes to flavorful pancetta, pâtés, pork sausages, or prosciutto, Daniele, Inc. is a name to remember.

Over the centuries, the Dukcevich family learned the fine art of charcuterie and when they moved to the United States in the 1980s, the family brought their talents from the rolling hills of Northern Italy to the shores of New England.

(Image via www.danielefoods.com)

From the beginning, Daniele, Inc. delivered a product that highlighted a passion for quality and American-sourced ingredients. Delightful dry-cured Del Duca® Prosciutto is sweetly flavored. Preservative-free Sopressata sausage hot or sweet capocollo and pancetta made from a blend of pork, wine, and peppercorns all are authentically seasoned. Cherry pepper shooters, filled with prosciutto and sharp provolone cheese, are popular favorites.

For an appetizing feast of old world flavor, be sure to visit Daniele, Inc. every Thursday at Kendall Square.

Everybody needs help making energy efficient choices for their homes and businesses. The Cambridge Energy Alliance was created to help Cantabrigians make the smartest possible choices when it comes to conserving energy, water, and money.

The Cambridge Energy Alliance partners with energy professionals who provide no-cost energy audits to homes and businesses. They also provide consumers with up-to-date information about available government and utility rebates that reduce the cost of smart energy installation and implementation.

The Cambridge Energy Alliance is happy to help anybody who needs more information about energy efficient appliances and technology. They provide the most recent information about opportunities to reduce energy consumption—and in the process, the cost of utilities. The CEA’s energy covers audit everything from insulation to lighting to windows.

For more information about “Living Better,” please visit http://cambridgeenergyalliance.org/.