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Fresh Perspective: Deano’s Pasta & Boston K9 Concierge

Fresh Perspective: Deano’s Pasta & K9 Concierge

Every week at Farmer’s Market is about eating good, fresh local food and feeling good. This week’s featured vendor Deano’s Pasta offers a fresh taste of Italy by creating artisan pastas that are perfect for home-cooked meals with friends and family. As for feeling good, what’s better than giving pets extra-special care and attention by way of K9 Concierge’s natural remedies. Come by the Kendall Square Farmers’ Market on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to see why these – and all of the other market vendors – are dishing out goodness and happy vibes.

Freshly made pasta is a tasty treat. When it’s filled with delectable delights from Somerville’s Deano’s Pasta (think of lobster, roasted butternut squash and amaretto, artichoke and marscapone), it’s even better. That because Deano’s Pasta is made with the pride that comes from 60+ years of experience in providing restaurants with gourmet foods.

(Image via www.originalgourmetpasta.com)

Established in 1947 by Ralph Matarazzo, Deano’s Pasta remains a family-run business with Dean Matarazzo at the helm. Using locally sourced ingredients—and nothing else—Deano’s offers a whole lot of choices. Gnocchi is made with potato, spinach, ricotta, or pumpkin. Deano’s sells eight types of tortellini, as well as long- and short-cut pasta. The Somerville store now has four collections—ricotta, seafood, autumn, and vegetable—all stuffed with high quality ingredients, from crab scallop to saffron dough.

(Image via www.originalgourmetpasta.com)

Learn more about Deano’s by visiting www.originalgourmetpasta.com/.

Of course dogs need special attention! When it comes to nurturing and loving ‘man’s’ best friend, Boston K9 Concierge is ready to assist with a range of services, including behavior training, force-free grooming and dog walking. Owned and operated by certified professional dog trainer Vivian Zottola, Boston K9 Concierge reflects a passion for humane and loving care for dogs.

Boston K9 Concierge starts by creating friendly, non-threatening environments for dogs and their owners through comprehensive, proven dog-training sessions. Utilizing only the best practices to ensure appropriate treatment of dogs, Vivian and her team address impulse control and help puppies develop proper ‘pet-iquette.’ Boston K9 Concierge also offers on-going rehabilitation training for older dogs that need to learn new tricks.

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Boston K9 Concierge’s grooming services is a BIG step above the competition. Who would say no to paw and ear massage complete with classical music and essential oils? All grooming is force-free and dogs are gifted with all natural Polka Dog Bakery treats. Round-trip transportation is included.

When owners are away, Boston K9 Concierge provides dog walking services, such as individual or group walks, puppy relief visit & walk, and evening/ weekend walks. Boston K9 Concierge also offers overnight crate-free pet sitting services on location or in a home.

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Visit Boston K9 Concierge on Thursdays at the Kendall Square Farmer’s Market to explore an amazing array of seemingly magical essential oils and aromatherapy treatments.