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Fresh Perspective: Fazenda Coffee & The Roving Lunchbox

Fresh Perspective: Fazenda Coffee & The Roving Lunchbox

This coming Thursday, August 14, the Kendall Farmer’s Market offers two great options for a delicious grab and go lunch. Fazenda Coffee Roasters and The Roving Lunchbox hand pies make for tasty, portable options for running back to the office for a “working lunch” or perusing the Farmer’s Market for some local handmade goods. Visit each of these vendors at the Kendall Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

                                       (image via fazendacoffee.com)

For coffee lovers, there’s nothing like the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of Jo. Coffee drinkers are about to get just a little happier-- Fazenda Coffee Roasters is on a mission to serve the highest quality coffee in the world to patrons of Kendall Square.

One glance at Fazenda’s menu offerings shows they know coffee better than anyone. Fazenda offers single origin coffees brewed from beans that originate in Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Mexico. These coffees contain complex flavor notes of dark chocolate, blueberry, cinnamon, pepper, and brown sugar.

Fazenda offers blends, including House, French, and Decaf Costa Rica. If you’re looking for a jolt, Fazenda is proud to present three types of espresso (Blue, Dark Blue, and HM.) Fazenda also offers a delectable food menu including house baked cookies, homemade brownies, croissants, an array of muffins, scones, and vegan options.

                        (image via facebook.com/therovinglunchbox)

When it’s time for lunch, why go any further than the Kendall Square Farmer’s Market? The Roving Lunchbox is a quick and easy decision offering a bevy of delicious and portable options. Crowd favorites include the savory hand pie selection. The pies are filled with barbecue beef, chicken pesto, reuben, or curry lentil and baked with vegetables inside of a flaky pastry crust.

Top off the savory hand pie with a sweet one for dessert. Try the lemon blueberry, cherry vanilla, or strawberry rhubarb-- or all three, if there’s room!