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Fresh Perspective: Life Force and The Blonde and Craic

Fresh Perspective - Life Force Juice & Craic and Blonde this week at the Kendall Square Farmers' Market



Kendall Square Farmer’s Market has two very unique vendors stopping by on Thursday, July 17th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Life Force, a home delivery juice company, and The Craic and Blonde, a Haitian Specialty Food company, offer some great products that are fresh, healthy and tasty. Come by to see how easy it is to add some healthy zest to your daily life!


Life Force Juice specializes in bringing nutrition to your doorstep. Armed with a carbon-free fleet of bicycles and an amazing catalogue of energy restoring, nutrient packed juices, Life Force is on a mission to make good health easy and accessible. The health gurus at Life Force promote sustenance in liquid form as the most direct way to restore and replenish nutrients because the body will absorb them quickly. They offer different varieties of juice that provides options for even the most particular palettes.

 (Image via lifeforce.com)


Life Force offers three different types of products; juice, smoothies, and infusions. Life Force promotes combinations of products to deliver maximum health benefits. Juices are packed with vegetables to deliver phyto nutrition in a convenient and delicious way. Since juices leave out important fiber, protein and fat—and can be very high in sugar­—Life Force’s smoothies are made with whole fruit and nut seed milk for balance. Life Force infusions, drinks created by certified herbalists, deliver ample quantities of plants like nettles, alfalfa, burdock and dandelion. Together, the Life Force program delivers an amazing and affirmative way to add wellness to your diet!


Life Force also offers a two-week or one-month cleanse with flavors like Hawthorne Berry (to nourish your heart) and Vibrant Green Juice (to deliver green veggie essential nutrients.) Look for the Life Force at the Kendall Square Farmer’s market every Thursday for the rest of the season!

(Image via https://www.facebook.com/theCraicandBlonde)


Blonde Beauchamp was living in Ireland when she got the idea of working with her mother, Creda to replicate the taste of Haitian cuisine for those who are uninitiated to the bold, spicy, African and French influenced cooking style. After all, Blonde’s friends on the Emerald Isle raved about the rich, authentic flavors in traditional Haitian dishes. When she returned to the States, she decided to start The Craic and Blonde, a company specializing in Haitian pikliz (pick-lese), a spicy relish that is ubiquitous in Haitian homes.

 (Image via https://www.facebook.com/theCraicandBlonde)


Blonde, who combined her name and the word Craic (a word referring to “fun” in Ireland) when giving the business its distinctive moniker, notes that pikliz tastes great on all types of food and can be used with in the same way as hot sauce! The ladies of The Craic and Blonde recommend a simple avocado salad combining ripe avocado topped with pikliz and salt. They also recommend it as a topping for eggs, grilled meats, sandwiches and burgers. Sounds to us like the perfect opportunity to spice up lunch this week at the Kendall Square Farmer’s Market!