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Fresh Perspective: Scoop Sights and Mass Bio

Fresh Perspective: Scoop Sights and Mass Bio

Every week, the @Kendall Farmers’ Market showcases local businesses that stand out by making positive changes. This week’s Community Table Partner, MassBio, represents an industry that is contributing amazing advances to the treatment of disease. While Scoop Sights doesn’t offer novel therapies that combat illness, their coconut milk ice creams represent a commitment to tasty treats made for people who cannot tolerate milk products, choose not consume dairy or those just looking to try something new and delicious!

Visit MassBio and Scoop Sights this week at the Kendall Farmer’s Market on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

With the recent boom of dairy-free alternatives to ice cream, Scoop Sights manages to stand out among the rest. Their commitment to creating outstanding homemade ice cream is evident in every bite. Scoop Sights not only provides a well-crafted treat but also insures that sweets lovers looking for a dairy-free dessert won’t miss traditional ice cream one bit.

(image via scoopsights.com)

Scoop Sights deviates from the “norm” and the results are mouthwatering. A signature Scoop Sights experience means savoring one their salty scoops like Salted Caramel or Salted Oreo. Another favorite includes the classic Mint Chip. For a change of pace (and a taste of the unusual), go for the Matcha Green Tea or Honey Lavender flavors.

(image via scoopsights.com)

The best part about eating Scoop Sights ice cream is the ingredients. Scoop Sights uses local and organic ingredients wherever possible. A recent ice cream experiment lead to Scoop Sights creating a flavor using stone ground dark chocolate with coconut from Somerville’s Taza for a Chocolate Salted Almond ice cream. As for incorporating organic yumminess, Scoop Sights’ ingredient list boasts the use of organic coconut cream and organic cane sugar so you know each bite of Scoop Sights ice cream was crafted with care.

We couldn’t be happier to have this local, small-batch maker of goodness join us at the @Kendall Farmer’s Market!

We know them as MassBio, but the oldest biotechnology trade association in the country began more than 25 years ago as a small group called the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. Today, it counts more than 600 biotechnology companies, universities and academic institutions as its members, with all focused on positioning Massachusetts as a world-class hub for biotech innovation and education. MassBio offers the Bay State biotech community a platform to impact public policy and educating the public.

(Image via massbioed.org)

MassBio stands out as in industry leader through its commitment to science education. In 2001, the group kicked off MassBioEd, a spin-off nonprofit that advances Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in Massachusetts’ public schools through the lens of biotechnology. The program brings biotech into the classroom with the goal of preparing future industry leaders. In fact, MassBio Ed makes biotech education accessible to students everywhere through Opencourseware classes and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Stop by the MassBio table this week at the Kendall Farmer’s market, to learn more about how they are advancing the Massachusetts’ biotech sector through innovation, education and economic development.