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Fresh Perspective: Swiss Bakers and The Cookie Lady Treats

Fresh Perspective - SwissBakers and Cookie Lady Treats

 Take a trip to Switzerland without leaving Massachusetts? Thanks to Swissbäkers, which offers made-from-scratch foods without additives or artificial ingredients, you can enjoy an authentic taste of Switzerland every Thursday at Kendall Square Farmer’s Market –guaranteed fresh, baked that very morning!

  Some popular offerings include the Mini Swirl, with a delicious hint of hazelnuts and a soft sandwich bread called Zopfli, which is Swiss for “little braid.” Lightly fried and filled with delectable goodies, Berliners are superior to donuts. For a quick and easy treat, the ham and swiss croissant is a yummy start. Swissbäkers also serves pretzels, quiche, cookies, cakes, and tarts.

 (Image via http://swissbakers.com/sb/)

 Aside from their mouth-watering, authentic treats, one thing that sets Swissbäkers apart is their approach to customer service. Instead of customers, they prefer to treat everyone as guests in their home- their Swiss home.

 (Image via http://swissbakers.com/sb/)

  Swissbäkers uses the highest grade of food quality, including cage free eggs, organic sugar, and unsalted butter. Swissbäkers is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly living, and even won the Green Business Award in 2012.



Laura Weinstein, proprietor of Cookie Lady Treats, doesn’t just use locally-sourced ingredients in her award-winning cookies, brownies and marshmallows. Her amazing concoctions are a testament to a deep understanding of chemical interactions (Laura earned a Master’s degree in chemical engineering), which allows CLT to create unusual flavor combinations with explosively delicious results!

 (Image via https://www.facebook.com/CookieLadyTreats)

Favorite cookies include the spicy Caramel Apple, the rum-soaked, toasted coconut Piña Colada, and the sweet orange and white chocolate Dreamsicle. For the most unusual flavor combination, try the Maple bacon, a combination of chocolates and smoky bacon. Aside from cookies, the Cookie Lady Treats offers a variety of candy bars, from decadent Peanut Butter to Millionaire Shortbread and Coconut Dream bars.

(Image via https://www.facebook.com/CookieLadyTreats)

 Cookie Lady Treats also provides gluten-free options. All peanut butter based cookies can be made without gluten. Additionally, the bakery can make cookies to order, based on any ingredients you chose!