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Fresh Perspective: TRILLfoods and Corn & Co.

Fresh Perspective: TRILLfoods and Corn & Co.

Each week, the Kendall Square Farmers’ Market celebrates unique and creative local businesses. TRILLfoods offers sweets lovers a variety of hand crafted baked goods with a signature TRILL twist, while Corn & Co. popcorn comes in flavor combinations that satisfy any number of taste buds. Visit TRILLfoods and Corn & Co. this week at the Kendall Farmers’ Market on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

TRILL’s commitment to creating perfectly handmade foods is evident in every bite. TRILL not only provides a well-crafted treat, but they ensure that the sweets are made combining the freshest, most nutritious and responsibly sourced ingredients.

(image via facebook.com/trillfoods)

With an array of delicious alternatives to classic bakery finds, TRILL oozes creativity. A signature TRILLfoods experience means trying their one-of-a-kind take on biscotti, “Beezcotti.” Twice baked like the traditional cookie, long and slender, the similarities with the iconic Italian version end there. TRILLfoods offers a much richer cookie base with a gooey caramelized (locally sourced) honey topping sprinkled with nuts and seeds. For an “off the beaten path” experience, try the pepper or chipotle-spiked chocolate mounds. If you’re looking for a savory flavor, TRILL’s Southeast Asian crisp rice crackers pair perfectly with a spicy curry dish.

(image via facebook.com/trillfoods)

Unique flavor combinations aren’t the only thing that makes TRILL soar. TRILL hand selects and sources food responsibly, buying local pasture-raised eggs, honey from local apiaries and farm fresh butter and cream. There’s even less sugar and salt, which allows flavors like toasted nuts and spices to shine through. We couldn’t be more “TRILL’d” to feature this local gem at the @Kendall Farmer’s Market!

The Periodic Table of… popcorn? At Corn & Co., popcorn visionaries and company founders Steven and Robert Berlin encourage customers to get creative, selecting from a flavor library that holds more than 100 tastes, toppings, and colors. With offerings that range from beloved classics like kettle corn and natural butter, to more adventurous fare – wasabi, maple bacon, and cookies n’ cream– each bag is a sensory experience tailored to your individual tastes and a unique take on this all-American snack.

(image via cornandco.com)

Discerning foodies will feel fabulous knowing that the Lowell-based Corn & Co. is committed to environmental sustainability and community support. Their corn is popped fresh daily – a natural alternative to processed snacks. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free flavor options are available so no one is excluded from the fun.

Known around Massachusetts for pushing the boundaries of snacking, it’s no surprise that Corn & Co. is the official popcorn of the Boston Red Sox. See what the noise is about Thursdays at Kendall Square, and experience “Popcorn Reborn.”