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How to Survive Driving in Cambridge and Boston This Winter

Tips for Driving the Cambridge and Boston this winter

                We know you all love driving in the city, and driving in the snow and ice is even better! Just kidding. If you have ever driven in the city during winter, you know it’s a combination of one-way streets, traffic for miles, and questionable drivers. Now, with the weather getting colder and the Longfellow Bridge under construction, driving will become just a little more difficult. Hey, at least the Cambridge-bound detour resulting from the bridge construction utilizes Storrow drive, which we all know is never clogged with traffic or aggressive drivers.

                To help you avoid screaming with frustration in your vehicle every time you are trying to get in and out of the city, we have a list of helpful hints to make your daily commute a little less stressful.


  1. If the road conditions seem too icy or it’s snowing- take the T. The Red Line is still running in and out of Cambridge over the Longfellow bridge so don’t take the risk if you don’t feel comfortable driving.
  2. Car pool- With the holidays approaching, gas prices will skyrocket. You can save a lot of money by sharing the responsibility with a friend.   Check out the Commuter Options Board at the Kendall Garages for more info on joining a carpool!
  3. Buy a remote starter- it’s worth the splurge. Do you want to spend 15 minutes scraping that ice off your windshield, or watch it melt away from inside your warm house?
  4. Turn on your lights when it’s snowing- even if it’s daytime the gusty winds can make it hard to see. And we all know Boston should be “The Windy City”.
  5. Most importantly- drive slow and drive sober, no matter what season it is!