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Kendall Square’s Garden in the Sky

Play @ Kendall - Roof Top Garden Oasis

Shhh…there’s a rooftop oasis above our heads here in Kendall Square and no one knows about it! Well, maybe a few folks.

This secret garden, no key required, is located on top of the parking garage located at 4 Cambridge Center here in KS.

Located six stories above where we Live, Work, Shop, Play & Eat this lush landscape is free for you to visit and enjoy.  Surprisingly, this in-the-know locale is easy to find. Make your way to the parking garage located at 4 Cambridge Center, take the elevator to the top and behold the beauty that waits.

Flowers, luscious grass, benches, a few picnic tables and a lovely view wait for you in the sky.  So while the sun’s still out and the leaves start to change, pick up some lunch, pack a blanket and pull up a few blades of grass. We’ll meet you there.