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Meet Our Farmers’ Market Manager - Rachael!

Keeping Up with Kendall Square’s Farmers’ Market – Meet Our Market Manager, Rachael!


We bet you’ve been dreaming of warm weather, we have too. But more than that – we’re so excited for the return of our Farmers’ Market – and this year we’re getting ready for our best one yet! While we will surely miss Daniel, we are excited to team up with lolagraceEVENTS and to welcome our new Market Manager, Rachael Gross.


What types of vendors should Kendall Square look forward to seeing, new and old?

Rachael: So far we plan to integrate vendors that have proven to be fan favorites vendors from last year along with vendors that are new to the market. Since we haven't announced our selection formally, I can tell you limited information. But we do have a wide variety of fresh and local farm goods along with very interesting and flavorful products! We want market goers to enjoy a unique experience in comparison to markets in the past. 


What goes into managing a farmers market? What do you anticipate will be the most difficult part / your favorite part?

Creativity, organization and the ability to think "outside the box.” The most difficult part will definitely be selecting this seasons vendors. We have so many awesome applicants... from specialty goods like salsa and organic dog treats, to the more traditional offerings like fresh produce and flowers. How does one choose?! They are all amazing! My favorite part is being able to provide the opportunity of exposure to small businesses and local farms. 


What makes Kendall Square special?

Kendall Square is special because of what it offers to the community. We have an urban setting that offers a bit of everything... the culture is warm and inviting... even throughout the winter months. Whether it’s ice skating to the beats of local DJs, organized canoe and kayaking adventures or an opportunity to get out of the office and shop the market on your lunch break - Kendall Square is fostering a community of career driven, health-focused individuals that think beyond themselves.


What type of events are you hoping to bring to Kendall Square?

We plan to include everything from cooking demos to community activism to live entertainment.


Every year the Farmers' Market hands out something to patrons, like a free bag: what are you hoping to have as a freebie?

That is something you will have to come and find out for yourself! We can't give all of the secrets away just yet!


Rachael Gross, owner of lolagraceEVENTS, is the unconventional corporate event planner and antibride wedding planner of Boston + beyond. Her experience and skill have landed her features, publications and awards throughout the events industry. With numerous accolades and praise, Gross has built a cult following of alternative event goers and planners since 2009. For more information on Rachael and lolagraceEVENTS please visit:www.lolagraceEVENTS.com.