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Bodyscapes Fitness

#FabFitFriday at Bodyscapes Fitness

Bodyscape Fitness comes to Kendall Square!

356 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 252­-0020

Don't wait until January to join the gym - seriously.  Before popping into your Kendall office, you could be doing anything from Boot Camp to Body Pump.  At lunch, how does a little midday "Insanity" sound?  Located on the second floor of Watermark Kendall, BodyScapes Fitness touts 15,000 sq feet of cardio, weight training and fitness studios - not to mention a beautiful outdoor rooftop terrace.

From Pilates Fusion to Power Yoga, Bodyscapes is not your average dumbbell den.  Stocked locker rooms include amenities, towels, and free day lockers making fitting calorie burning into your 9-to-5 schedule a little easier.  Little advice: Splurge on their personal trainer instead of dessert.

And if you're more into relaxation than biscep curls, BodyScapes Kendall location also inculdes a spa offering skin care, body treatments, massage therapies, and hair & nail care.  Stop by for a free one-day fitness pass.  And you could be in luck....the gym has relationships with local hospitals and business throughout the Boston area.  See if your company is on the list, they may have a custom health and fitness program already set up!  Trust us; check it out, at least before the New Years Resolution-ers kick into high gear!