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Remembering the Sounds of Summer

Recap of the 2013 Kendall Square Summer Concert Series


Fall has officially set in! But we’re not quite ready to forget about summer; especially the Sounds of Summer Concert Series that we held here at Kendall Square. Over the summer season, twenty-two amazing bands and singers came to serenade us while we enjoyed the warm weather. Who could resist the positive vision on life Chad Hollister’s music brings? Or the jazz, pop, and rock mixture that can be heard Family Photo? And who wasn’t inspired by the combination of soul with roots and reggae that we heard from Cocoa Jackson Lane? 

 It’s a shame it had to end, but at least it was extended till the end of September with the surprise inclusion of Brad Hooper! He ended the series on an awesome note with his soulful voice and guitar playing.

 Here is a recap if you missed anyone this summer, check them out online because they are all great! :

In June, Los Rumberos de Massachusetts, Daniel Woods, Mals Totem, and Syl DuBenion Quartet took over during lunchtime and played a few after hours shows.

 Throughout July, Jacie Feinberg, Aural Gavage, Wamburta Mitan, Kendra Morris, The Dwells, Chad Hollister, Family Photo and Squid and Toad rocked our Sounds of Summer stage. We’re hoping to recruit many of our July performers for next year’s series – be sure to tell us who you want to see back in Kendall Square on our Twitter page!

As the summer came to a close, we joyfully welcomed Ali Amr, Margaret Glaspy, Daniel Kuark, Kendall Ramseur, Cocoa Jackson Lane, Mark Zaleski Band, Christian Li Group, Air Traffic Controller, and Sirma. Despite a couple rainy days that we had to make up throughout the weeks

 We were also lucky enough to add extra dates with Brad Hooper to the end of the series, as the sun continued to shine well throughout September. We’ll see you next summer!