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Rink Fashion - What to Wear Ice Skating!

Winter Fashion - What to wear when ice skating!

As the temperatures drop here in Kendall Square and the ice skating rink finally opens up, you may be wondering what to wear to stay warm while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some tips to staying toasty on the ice!

Layers are important.  Long sleeve shirts, under thick sweaters, with a vest thrown on top are a great way to layer without being hidden under a big, bulky coat. That way you can take off a layer once you start working up a sweat, but you’ll be nice and warm if you’re going at a more casual pace.

For the ladies, fleece lined leggings are ideal. They are flexible enough so you can glide over the ice with no restrictions, yet warm and thick enough that you won’t freeze if you happen to fall onto the ice. For the guys, some jeans or thick sweatpants will do the trick!

A pair (or two) of wool socks will keep your feet nice and snug inside your skates. A hat or a headband that covers your ears is also an important piece to staying warm.

Top it all off with a thick knit scarf and some gloves or mittens, and you’re ready to jet set around the rink looking like a pro!