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Sounds of Summer ’14: Giuseppe Paradiso’s Meridian 71 & Oyinda

Sounds of Summer ’14: Giuseppe Paradiso’s Meridian 71 & Oyinda

The second-to-last week of the Kendall Concert series featured European citizens Guiseppe Paradiso from Italy and London-raised Oyinda. The pair showcased rich cultural backgrounds, with Paradiso’s Meridian 71 band presenting an amalgamation of world jazz and Nigerian-born Oyinda enticing lunchtime revelers with a stargazing electronic pop set.

Giuseppe Paradiso Meridian 71

Italian drummer/composer Guiseppe Paradiso has traveled the globe to create the distinctive Meridian 71 world jazz sound. Paradiso’s band is a collective gathered from disparate locations across the planet—for example, Mexico, Turkey and Israel. Under Paradiso’s direction, Meridian 71 took lunch breakers on an exceptional jazz journey that spanned cultural divides.


During its set, Meridian 71 played several of Paradiso’s original compositions from the “Otherness” album. This included the dynamic “Mirage,” a complex number which epitomizes free flowing modern jazz. Concert goers of all stripes—jazz aficionados and neophytes alike—stopped by and were treated to an energized noontime of vibrant musical stylings cool enough to satiate any palate.


To hear more of Meridian 71’s rich world jazz, head to their website and Facebook for updates on live shows. Or check out their Sound Cloud page to enjoy at home.


This 22-year-old Londoner takes take the stage with whirling hips and flirtatious eyes amid a backbeat of electronic driven, soulful pop. Her mood is fearless, fun and forceful. She commands the stage with a presence usually reserved for artists who dominate the Top 40 dance music scene.


Considering that Oyinda recently appeared at the famed Lollapalooza festival extravaganza, the confidence is well-founded. A primed Oyinda gave Kendall concert-goers a taste of the London underground with songs like “Rush of You.”


Oyinda’s songwriting centers around subdued, stirring lyrics but her performance gazed deeply into the future of dance pop music. Oyinda’s sound seamlessly married indie-pop sensibilities of acts like The XX with a hint of R&B-influenced electronic music ala The Weeknd. This sound is catapulting into the mainstream and who knows? Oyinda’s star may soar into the pop music stratosphere.

To see and hear more from this budding talent, visit her website, Twitter, Facebook.