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Sounds of Summer - So Far

Sounds of Summer So Far; Ali Amr, Margaret Glaspy and Daniel Kuark


 We are so lucky to have  an amazing  lineup of musicians  for our summer concert series – and we couldn’t be happier to provide some afternoon and after-work entertainment for everyone living and working in Kendall Square. Three very different but wonderful musicians have performed over the last two weeks – we we’re so excited to have them all!


First off, Ali Amr gave us a whole new experience with his performance last Thursday. Amr sings and plays the qunan, an Arabic lap string instrument. After a hectic morning of calls and meetings – his music really calmed us down and brought us back to our happy place! His songs all contain elements of jazz, Middle Eastern and flamenco music producing an entirely new kind of sound – if today is one of those rough ones – click here, sit back, relax with a cup of coffee and finish the day out strong!

 Last Tuesday the amazingly talented Margaret Glaspy performed a combination of original and cover songs with only her guitar and her beautiful poignant voice. Her songs are so smooth and calming – and her fan base is big here in Boston – despite being from Brooklyn (Go Red Sox!) She is up on her Twitter game, so be sure to follow her (@mglaspy) for upcoming concert dates.

 Daniel Kuark never disappoints with his original songs. His unlikely combination of electronic and folk music makes for a refreshing listening experience. If you missed him, have no fear – check out our favorite song “Nothing Has Changed” on YouTube.

 We’ve been so impressed by our Sounds of Summer free concert series we cannot pick our favorite – but over the last week, all of our artists have totally wowed us – and you! Keep snapping photos and tweeting while enjoying – and be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events!