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Sounds of Summer: The Mark Zaleski Band

Sounds of Summer - Kendall Square Concert Series

If you haven’t heard, our Sound of Summer Concert Series has brought some of the most rockin’ artists right to you – and we’re feeling pretty lucky to have teamed up with Berklee College of Music. Tuesday, The Mark Zaleski Band took the stage and we had quite the crowd! Whether you’re taking a long lunch break, or bringing the kids over to boogie, we’ve noticed a lot of more of you who live, work and play in Kendall Square have been stopping by – and that’s what Kendall Square is all about!

Mark Zaleski, a Boston saxophonist/composer, has chosen to play music with jazz musicians and use improvisation as a featured musical element. Yet, unlike your average jazz combo, Zaleski has surrounded himself with some of his closest friends and family (who, fortunately for him, happen to be some of the top musicians in their field). He describes the relationship as having "perfect social and musical chemistry."

The Mark Zaleski Band is in a musical genre that can be described as instrumental jazz/modernrock fusion. The group has been featured at clubs and colleges all over the east coast, including Ryles in Boston, MA, Smalls in New York City, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, and St. Michael's College in Burlington, VT. We are so happy they’ve joined us for the Sounds of Summer. To learn more about the band, and to check out their upcoming gigs, visit their website!