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Staying Activity: Holiday Edition

Fun activities to keep you moving this holiday season!

How to Keep it Movin’ this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the best time of the year, right? Friends, family, eggnog, and maybe even mom’s homemade apple pie with whipped cream are on the agenda. But what usually isn’t on the agenda is staying in shape. Yeah, yeah, we know it’s hard with the freezing weather and all the yummy desserts available. But we’re here to help before you go into hibernation this winter. Below is a list of fun things in the area to keep you active this season.

  1. Our very own ice skating rink in Kendall Square. You can rent skates, take private lessons, and just enjoy a nice winter night with friends. Warm up with hot cocoa at our snack stand after!


  1. We know you probably ran outside all summer/fall and are now bummed out that you can’t because it’s too cold…right? Don’t worry. Crossfit Medusa located at 1957 Mass Ave in Porter Square offers an affordable workout plan customized just for women. Join while they have a holiday offer!


  1. Rock climbing, anyone? Not only will you be out of the cold, you’ll be having fun while getting a great workout. It’s open until midnight every night this season and will cost you under $20 for a full day pass at Rock Spot Climbing in Boston!


  1. Who loves a good bootcamp workout? Cambridge Ultimate Bootcamp, located indoors at The Cambridge Community Center, offers a special 3-week December Bootcamp session to fight off those holiday temptations. You can choose whether to work out 2 or 5 times per week.


  1. Do you remember how much fun you had skiing as a kid? Well guess what, trekking back UP the hill after sledding down it is quite a workout. The Arnold Arboretum is a great (free) place to go, and located right off the orange line!