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Summer Concert Series Continues - 3 New Shows Added Featuring Brad Hooper

The music continues in Kendall Square with the addition of 3 more concerts before the Summer Concert Series comes to a close. Come down and enjoy the sounds of summer!


Just as we were about to count down to the last concert of our Summer Concert Series (Chad Hollister performing Tuesday September 10th from noon to 1:30pm), we were delightfully surprised to learn of a singer/songwriter from Maine who wanted to come down to Kendall Square and perform!  Brad Hooper will be in Kendall Square performing on Monday September 9th, 16th, and 23rd from Noon to 1:30 pm.  Come on down and enjoy the music as we close out another incredible Summer Concert Series!

Brad Hooper is a Maine singer/songwriter living in the unorganized-territory of Albany Township, Maine. He lives, plays and writes on a small farm nestled in the foothills, just a short distance from the White Mountain National Forest. He has been singing, playing and writing for more than 3 decades.


In 2009, Hooper took his talent 'off the farm and onto the stage’. (He finally learned how to play the guitar last Tuesday at 4pm.) Since that time he has seen a consistently growing fan base, expanded show schedule and gained the respect of his contemporary peers. Originally from Chicago, Hooper moved to Maine, the land of his bloodlines, in 1980. No longer sure why he wanted it in the first place, Hooper racked up some serious ‘mileage’ while growing up (questionable) and raising a family.

Hooper has grown into a voice all his own. He writes and performs songs that are raw and intuitive, songs fueled by years of hard-mileage and universal-truths. Hooper’s voice is like the gravel chiseled from the stone of his creations and also like the finely-polished stone surface of his finished musical sculptures. “My voice is a God-given gift. I had little-to-nothing to do with it. I like to sing and people seem to like it when I do,” quips Hooper.


Chris Busby, editor of the Bollard in Portland, Maine, had this to say about Hooper’s debut CD, Midnight at the Hilltop Hotel: “Hooper’s paid a lot of dues and deserves every scrap of attention that comes his way. This guy’s the real deal. No flash, no gimmicks, just solid guitar playing and soulful vocals.”   Chris Busby – The Bollard, July 2009

 Quite often Hooper will quietly take the stage and then proceed to spin a song like it was the last thing he was going to do. His vocal quality often has him pegged as a ‘blues man’ but his content spans many genres making it difficult to pigeon-hole the guy. Americana, roots, blues, folk, you’ll have to decide for yourself ‘what kind of music he plays.’

 For more information or to listen to Brad's original music go to http://bradhooper.net