Nini & Ben

July 29, 2010

300 Athenaeum Street

Two sixteen year olds were en route to a birthday party and realized they didn’t have a gift. “Let’s write him a song,” they thought. Unbeknownst to them, that afternoon sparked a partnership between two songwriters who would fall in love with each other and the gypsy lifestyle they were bound to lead.

Waking up in a ragged old VW bus. Performing at clubs and cafes. Writing songs on acoustic guitars and Wurlitzers. This simple and unpredictable way of living has yielded the most profound moments of their lives that are captured in their warm and expressive songs. The duo have spent years performing all over the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

In 2007, they settled in Boston, where they found their musical family: bassist Derek McWilliams, drummer Jake Cohen, guitarist Johnny Duke, and pedal steelist Tommy Bohlen.

Nini & Ben were selected out of 400 acts to be featured on the Heavy Rotation Records compilation. This past November, they self-released their debut full length LP, The Reasons We Try, produced by Rich Mendelson (The Cars, Boston, Paul Simon) and recorded at legendary Avatar Studios in Manhattan. Nini sang into the same condenser microphone as Norah Jones.