Commuter Information

As an urban mixed use development a block from one of the busiest T stops in the system (Kendall/MIT), Kendall Square is an inherently green location providing a high density of office and housing at a transit node. Combining all of these uses into one integrated community saves peoples time and energy by letting them walk to work, to dine or to play. LEED-rated buildings with shared parking, Zip Cars and bike parking on street level and in the garage makes green living convenient. 

Easy Access

By foot, bike, car, boat or subway, the open space @ Kendall Square is easy to access. “Zip Car” and “PlanetTran” allow you to get away without owning a car, Charles River Recreation provides canoes and kayak rentals to explore the River from our own on-site Boat Launch open to the public and we have plenty of bike racks and bike storage!

Transaction Associates

Kendall Square Corporation enlists the services of Transaction Associates to manage our commuter benefits program. We have a Transportation Coordinators to assist our site employees in the following ways

Jax Adele
Transportation Coordinator
(P) 781-895-1100
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Commute Assistance: An employee may need help mapping out their commute using public transportation.  Transportation Coordinators are happy to discuss public transportation routes with employees of its clients.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program: If an emergency occurs during the day, this program will provide employees transportation home via either taxi or rental car Monday through Friday, generally within 30 minutes of notification. Certain restrictions apply. Employees must commute by rideshare, transit, bicycle, or walking two or more days a week to be eligible, and pre-register by clicking here.

Ridematching Program:  The Ridematching Program tries to match employees with other employees who have similar commuting patterns to form carpools. Share the travel costs of gas and tolls, and save more than 50 percent of your commuting cost. Register for the ridematching database and create a profile to see your matches.  Get preferred parking, where available!

Greener is Cleaner Newsletter: TransAction’s Greener is Cleaner Newsletter is full of information related to transportation, going green, the environment.  Every two months a new issue is made available via e-mail or hard copies on site.   You can sign up to receive our newsletters by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Eco-Friendly Commuter Blog: Keep yourself informed without the hassle of traveling through the abundance of information on the internet. The Greener is Cleaner Eco-Friendly Commuter Blog will give you the most relevant and important information for green commuters in the Greater Boston Area.  Visit transactioncommuter.blogspot.com/ for the latest news related to transportation, the environment, and going green.

Vanpool Start Up Assistance

If you are aware of seven to 15 people commuting from a similar area, you might want to start a vanpool. Alongside VPSI, Inc., TransAction and your Transportation Coordinator will help you market the vanpool to your peers in order to raise interest and acquire participants.

Table Events

Transportation Coordinators are available at a table on site to answer questions face to face as well as provide information in print form. There are usually snacks or candy and a raffle prize at the events.