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Downstream Processing

Explore the innovative biotechnology strategies that are improving processes in biological industries around the world. Over the course of five days, you’ll acquire the tools and frameworks you need to enhance your organization’s downstream process—and drive increased value. Through highly interactive lectures and activities, you’ll examine traditional unit operations, as well as new concepts and emerging technologies, which offer benefits to biochemical product recovery.

Participant Takeaways
– Understanding the fundamentals of downstream processing for biochemical product recovery.
– Assessing the impact of change on overall process performance.
– Examining traditional unit operations, as well as new concepts and emerging technologies that are likely to benefit biochemical product recovery in the future.
– Understanding analytical and process validation issues that are critical to successful manufacturing.
– Strategies for biochemical process analysis and synthesis.
– Design and operation of unit processes with centrifugation, chromatography, filtration, and membrane processes
– Introduction to continuous processing, process economics, process synthesis and simulation, and regulatory issues and validation.

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