Kendall Square Association and She+ Geeks Out are offering ongoing support to alumni of the 2020 Inclusion Drives Innovation program. Below is a list of free resources for alumni and additional resources to take a deeper dive into your learning journey.

Free Resources

Take advantage of the free resources for the Inclusion Drives Innovation 2020 Alumni network. For access to these resources, reach out to Alana Olsen Westwater at

  1. LinkedIn Group to stay connected, share resources, and continue the conversation
  2. Google Drive Folder with Program Materials including tool kits and any resources shared in Mighty Networks

Other Resources

Change Management Support Network

KSA and SGO will bring together a small group of  Inclusion Drives Innovation alumni for a series of focused conversations about ongoing change management. These sessions will occur 60, 90, and 120 days after the end of Inclusion Drives Innovation, evolving to meet your needs over time. In each 90 minute session you will use your action plan and the organizational domain assessment tool from our Inclusion Drives Innovation training as the basis for discussion. 

These conversations will offer you an opportunity to do real time problem solving and brainstorming with peers and draw upon expert advice from She+ Geeks Out. To keep the conversations productive, group size is capped at 15. There is a participation fee of $750 for this program. This is an extremely limited offering with guaranteed space for only the first 30 individuals to sign up. 

Discounted SGO Services

SGO will offer an exclusive 10% discount for ongoing individual/team coaching and corporate workshops for the next 6 months for any organization that is an alumnus of Inclusion Drives Innovation. Please visit to learn more.