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Future of (how we) Work

Kendall Square Association’s (KSA) Future of (how we) Work Task Force answers critical questions about how our innovation ecosystem will return to work in a post-COVID-19 world. The Future of (how We) Work Task Force has addressed topics including transportation, workplace safety, open space, and supporting small businesses. 

KSA will be continuing Task Force meetings in the months ahead which will focus on the topics that are impacting our community the most. From childcare solutions to addressing the need for diversity, and sharing updates on transportation, safety, and small business, we will build on our learning and share our discoveries to serve as a resource for Kendall businesses.

Kendall’s Collaborations During COVID-19

This meeting focused on the outcomes from the first three Future of (how we) Work meetings. We were able to review the MassINC Transportation survey results, the CIC shared their CIC Health Assurance Testing and are looking for collaborators, and lastly, we were able to introduce our new pilot Toast Drop. Toast Drop allows employers to provide their staff with the food they love and flexibility they desire, help keep the risk of contamination under control with aggregated deliveries, and support the struggling local restaurants in your community.

Met on July 15, 2020.

Open Spaces / Small Businesses

This meeting highlighted the need for clear, accessible information on open space and small businesses. KSA has created a Small Business page on our website to keep you updated on what is open in Kendall. Don’t forget to visit our COVID-19 Updates page as well. We have partnered with the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority to develop a map of Kendall’s open spaces to be launched on our new website at the end of June.

Met on June 4, 2020.

Workplace Safety

We learned in this meeting that the cost of purchasing COVID-19 testing supplies is cost-prohibitive. To ameliorate this issue, KSA has been assisting an initiative led by CIC called the Cambridge Testing Consortium. Companies can purchase supplies together in bulk to keep down costs. CIC is also setting the standard with its Workplace Safety Plan and Self Check App.

Met on May 27, 2020.


After this meeting, the consensus was that we needed to learn more about how employees were feeling about their commuting options and working from home. KSA, in partnership with MassInc and with support from the Barr Foundation, launched a community-wide survey. There have been more than 1,000 responses to this survey and MassINC is working on a final report that will be available in July.

Met on May 19, 2020.