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Coming Spring 2017: Nutty Life, Oat Shop, and Sweet Lydia’s

We have so many new and exciting vendors coming to the market this season we couldn't choose just one to bring you this week....so why not three? 

Nutty Life, Oat Shop, and Sweet Lydia's will satisfy your lunchtime hunger, mid day snack craving, or sweet tooth as you pop in to the market to get your fix for the day. All three of these three greater Boston area small businesses have unique items that are sure to spark your interest and your tastebuds.

Nutty Life located in Arlington, Ma is a small batch business specializing in non dairy, organic nut milk. After becoming lactose intolerant after her 21st birthday founder Caroline became passionate about finding and later creating a nut milk that was organic, additive free and contained a higher percentage of actual nuts instead of added chemicals. Thus Nutty Life was born and this quote says it all " Nutty life uses only the purest of pure organic ingredients, local when possible. Sweetened with dates...made with love".

Nuts over Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and simply cashew can be found all over Massachusetts in coffee shops, farm stands, restaurants and markets as a alternative to dairy in your coffee or by the 16 oz take home bottle. They will be offering their nut milks and vegan cookie dough bites at the market this season. Im thinking a twist on the classic dunk...cookies in milk?

Next in the line up is "Oat Shop" located in Somerville, MA. Founder Alan Donavan has really taken the Davis Square breakfast scene by storm with the first Oat Shop ever in Boston. They offer a wide variety of Oat Bowls from their classic "Nuts over Berry" to the adventurous "Sirracha Fried Egg Bowl" at their newly opened Somerville shop. 

You can sweeten any of their bowls or brewed beverages with "Nutty Life's" nut milk for a delicious non- dairy,vegan choice. It is a beautiful thing for us farmers market enthusiasts when the stars align and we discover two of our vendors are already working together outside of the market in organic harmony. You will be able to pick up a unique lunch alternative with Oat Shops over night oat bowls, chia puddings, and baked goods at the market this season.