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Eat @ Kendall: Media buzz builds for Cafe ArtScience

Media buzz builds for Cafe ArtScience - coming soon to Kendall Square

Eat @ Kendall: Media buzz builds for Cafe ArtScience

Media buzz comes with the opening of many restaurants, but few, if any, area restaurants have reaped the type of press that @Kendall_Square newcomer Cafe ArtScience has in the past three weeks – even though it will not celebrate a grand opening until late October!

Here’s a sampling of what the cognoscenti are saying about the exciting new venture that will soon open its doors at 650 East Kendall Street.

An early profile on Eater Boston described Cafe ArtScience as a “restaurant/bar/event space/mad scientist paradise” that features the all-star team of Todd Maul (Clio), Patrick Campbell (Eastern Standard), Tom Mastricola (Commonwealth) and David Edwards. The latter, a Harvard professor, is lauded as an “inventor of all sorts of culinary creations, from breathable energy shots to frozen yogurt balls wrapped in edible skins.”

Not to be upstaged, BostInno.com explored the restaurant’s concept as a “no boundaries” environment that will “change how people look at food”–without being gimmicky or overly challenging. The article noted that Cafe ArtScience will offer a small auditorium for lectures and pop-up events focused on food innovation.

(image from http://www.cafeartscience.com)

Boston magazine offers an ambitious take on the “hybrid restaurant-lab” with a multi-thousand word examination  of vaporized chocolate clouds ingested through a straw, “cultural exhibitions from luminaries such as the MIT Media Lab’s Tod Machover, an innovative composer, and Neri Oxman, a 3D-printing and environmental-design specialist,” and the 120-seat restaurant, which was designed by French stylist extraordinaire Mathieu Lehanneur (we love the sound of “wavy green banquettes, a giant honeycomb-shaped chandelier, and a podlike private dining room that converts into a whiteboard-walled lecture hall.”) The article reminds readers to visit the 24-seat bar (“WikiBar”) and the “innovation corner” that will feature items from Paris’ Le Laboratoire. In summary, Cafe ArtScience will be “the connection between science and food innovation.”

Zagat breaks down the “gist” of Cafe ArtScience in six words: “This is going to be big.” The famed dining guide says guests will become “closely acquainted with Edwards' groundbreaking approaches to food” in an environment where, according to Edwards, the staff will “pioneer the future of food with an eye toward better, healthier, sustainable living.”

Perhaps the most interesting preview of the “new food frontier” eatery comes from the Modern Farmer blog which discusses everything from the “visual vocabulary” at Cafe ArtScience to “edible skin,” Edward’s all-natural patented technology, which “harnesses natural ions in food and literally whips them into a skin that is impermeable to water, tasty and nutritious.”  Think “ice cream encased in deliciously flavored edible skin.”