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Farmers’ Market - Meet the Manager!

Meet Daniel Martinez, our Farmers' Market Manager!


Meet the Market Manager

We know you’ve seen him walking around, he hides awesome gift certificates in your reusable bags and can be seen sneaking a tuna sandwich from Swiss Bakers on Thursdays – but you may not know much about our awesome Farmers’ Market manager, Daniel Martinez. He always has a smile on his face, and can offer trustworthy recommendations for his favorite products from each of our vendors.



Kendall: How long have you worked at Kendall Square? How has it changed since you started?

Daniel: “This is my second year here. The area has changed a ton, it’s gained residential development finally, loads of new restaurants and it’s on its way to becoming the new Cambridge destination.”

Kendall:  What goes into managing a farmer’s market? What is the most difficult part, and what’s your favorite part?

Daniel : “There’s a lot of arranging; the vendors, city and customers of Kendall Square all have to be brought together. That’s the most difficult part, the setup. Once it’s running, my favorite part is seeing the customers interacting with the vendors.”



Kendall:  Do you have experience with any other Farmer’s Markets? What makes Kendall Square special?

Daniel: “Only as a patron. I came into this with no experience but a love for local foods. Kendall’s diversity is incredible; you never know who you’ll meet.”

Kendall:  What are some of your favorite products sold at the Farmer’s Market?

Daniel: “I have to pick? Fastachi’s whole roasted walnuts, the tuna sandwich from Swiss Bakers, fresh spring rolls from café zing, any fruit from Lanni Orchards… I could go forever really.”


Kendall:  You seem to Instagram a lot of pictures of dogs, do you have one?

Daniel: “Ha! No… my landlord’s dog visits from time to time, but I’m actually more of a cat person.”