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Open House at Pine Village

Pine Village Preschool Open House - Thursday, November 6th starting at 6pm

In Kendall Square we live by our motto: Live, Work, Shop, Play & Eat. At Kendall’s own Pine Village preschool, they live by a different mantra - the 4L’s:  Love, Laughter, Language, and Learning.

Established in 2001 and now boasting eight locations in the Greater Boston area, two Cambridge (Kendall and Porter,) Pine Village is a Spanish Immersion preschool that serves children from 15 months - 5 years old.  But don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself, the innovative school is inviting the Kendall Square community for an Open House this week.


Pine Village Kendall Square Open House

Thursday, November 6th

6:00 p.m.

695 West Kendall Street
Cambridge, MA 02142


RSVP to Leslie Martinez at enrollmentpvp@gmail.com.

Jen Doyle, Senior Director, Communications and Enrollment at Pine Village knows a thing or two about the dynamic learning environment at Pine Village.  Not only is it her work, but she is also the parent of two Pine Village alums (now 11 and 14) and a current Pine Village student (4 years old).

Jen says:

“As a parent I can personally attest to the dynamic learning environment. Co-Founders Brid Martin and Emma LaVecchia have always firmly believed that learning should be fun, and that viewpoint carries over into everything the children do. At the same time, the curriculum is engaging and challenging—in an age-appropriate way, of course.

“This past February, when my then-three-year-old came home explaining the digestive system to me, I was amazed at how accurately he was able to convey the information. When I attended the school’s science fair (yes! science fair for toddlers and preschoolers!) at the end of the month, and saw the way the teachers showed the path food travels—from start to finish, of course, and to many giggles—I was even more astounded that they didn’t hold back any information, but instead gave a detailed demonstration thanks to the use of some crackers and a stocking. The same care was given to the respiratory and circulatory systems. Even more incredible… it was all done in Spanish! (For the kids. The Science Fair presentation was given in English for those of us parents and families with no background in Spanish.)

“This is only one example of the innovative curriculum at Pine Village. February’s Science theme was followed by Art and Artists in March, and Authors’ Month in April. Each month, in fact, has an overall theme. I particularly enjoy January when the families all come together for a school-wide Multicultural Feast, with each family bringing a representation of their own heritage.” 

Pine Village has an open enrollment period, so there’s no need to wait until next September to enroll. To find out more, join Pine Village at Thursday’s Open House. For more information, visit http://mybilingualpreschool.com/. To RSVP for the Open House, please email Leslie Martinez at enrollmentpvp@gmail.com.