The City of Cambridge’s Ordinance Committee held a meeting on Wednesday, April 12th, to hear the Community Development Department’s (CDD) proposed changes to the BEUDO amendment. The changes include introducing:

  1. Two net zero deadlines based on the size of the building–non-residential buildings of 100,000 or more sf must achieve net zero by 2035, while buildings of less than 100,000 sf have until 2050 to achieve net zero; 
  2. Offsets to ensure feasibility with 2035 target; 
  3. A Review Board for case-by-case deferrals and exemptions; and 
  4. A Policy Review to be completed in 2031 to assess BEUDO’s effectiveness. 

The hearing featured robust public commentary from MIT, Harvard, business associations including the Kendall Square Association, condo associations, and sustainability advocates. 

View CDD’s presentation and proposal, along with other documents

View the April 12, 2023 Ordinance Committee hearing.