On June 26, the Cambridge City Council approved the June 22 version of the BEUDO amendments, with a clarifying amendment on cogeneration, and additional clarifying amendments on the definitions of “campus” to make clear that a campus can include buildings smaller than 25,000 sf (which would not otherwise be covered by BEUDO) and “owner” to include affiliates and subsidiaries. The amendments passed with a vote of 8 Councilors in favor, and Councilor Denise Simmons voting “present”.

The Council declined to adopt Councilor Zondervan’s proposed amendment to require new buildings to be net zero by 2030, that amendment was referred to the Ordinance Committee. 

The Council also focused on what it needed to do to timely submit its application to participate in the Commonwealth’s fossil free demonstration program. The application is due by September 1, and CDD plans to host public sessions in July to provide information and gather input.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions on BEUDO, the fossil fuel free demonstration project