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Collective Action

We believe in the power of collaborative community-building, and we provide a powerful platform for collective action to tackle the challenges of today, and tomorrow.   

We connect with government, business, nonprofits, community leaders and a range of organizations, at the city, state, regional level and beyond. We keep our members informed, and we engage to develop shared positions and we advocate for innovative solutions for our most pressing societal issues.   

In addition to Government and Community relations, our Working Groups include:  

Community Impact

We bring corporate social responsibility leaders together to elevate equity, sustainability and corporate engagement in Cambridge, collectively, effectively, and in alignment with the City’s needs. 


We study transportation, gleaning insight from our members, the MBTA experts, and more. We keep our members informed, we advocate for improvements, and we support members’ direct action. Having grown up along the MBTA Red Line, Kendall is a model for transit-oriented development where major employers and property owners actively support sustainable and practical transportation options.  

Restaurant + Retail

We work with local restaurant owners and small business owners to keep Kendall Square lively and vibrant. We share news and updates from state and local government, and we advocate on behalf of their needs to local elected officials. 

Open Space & Kendall Calendar

We convene quarterly with event planners and culture leaders to welcome everyone to Kendall’s many public events and opportunities through our Kendall Calendar.

News & Updates