Man’s best friend became even more beloved in the last year and a half. Dogs were home office mainstays and welcome additions to Zoom meetings during the pandemic. And it’s no coincidence we saw a lot more dogs during virtual-first work this year: according to the ASPCA, one in five U.S. households brought a dog or cat home for keeps in 2020. As mandatory work-from-home turns into a hybrid in-person/at-home approach for many, what will happen to all those dogs? If you’re in Kendall Square, they’ll come along, too!

Here’s what a typical woof day in Kendall looks like for our four-legged friends:

Photo Credit: @gizmodo_bear, @itsfetachai, @cicnow, @sansa.the.service.pup, @loyalcompanionpets, @doggocalledcoco

Use #KendallsFutureIsBright and let us know where you’re going and what you’re seeing around the Square this week. 

Be on the lookout for next week’s #KendallsFutureIsBright Weekly Scoop: Thanksgiving Feasts. Let’s continue taking care of one another, our city and our world.

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