Kendall is leading in creating solutions to our current crisis and reimagining a future that is more resilient and inclusive.

Together we are enabling a reimagined future in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kendall Square Association (KSA) is here to help our members thrive in this reimagined future as we build it, here in the most innovative square mile on the planet. Kendall is more than a place — it is a perspective.

We are Your Vehicle for Connectivity

In response to COVID-19 you joined us for twelve peer-to-peer conversations with nearly 100 companies. We built you an industry network of professionals from across Kendall to enable collaborative problem solving and benchmarking as members rapidly adjust to this new environment. We are continuing to offer vehicles for critical conversations to ensure we all stay connected on vital issues affecting our businesses.

We Strengthen Your Voice to Solve Big Problems

Our members are changing the world, and KSA is committed to advancing their organizational priorities by leveraging our convening power and robust network.

  • Critical Advocacy: We advocate on members’ behalf to the city and Commonwealth so that policy leaders understand what’s needed to make progress and move toward solutions.
  • Future of Work Task Force: This initiative brings together leaders from across Kendall’s tech and life science industries to design the future of how we will work. Members connect with peers in a series of virtual conversations, exploring challenges and uncovering opportunities.
  • Transportation ADVANCE: This project empowers members to lead through action. Kendall’s biggest companies are using this experimental model to develop new approaches that address current mobility needs and plan for a sustainable future.
  • Inclusion Drives Innovation: This program delivers thoughtful, scalable ideas for creating a more inclusive workplace. Members HR, talent, and people managers will complete a learning journey designed to assess current diversity, equity, and inclusion programming, share best practices, and drive collective action as we plan for a sustainable future.

We Help You Stand Out and Inspire Others

We amplify the impactful stories from our community to motivate and inspire our continued innovation and industry leadership.

  • #KendallCollective, a social media campaign launched in early May, spotlights industry perspectives from Kendall leaders in a human and helpful way as we confront a changing landscape.
  • KSA’s social media channels amplify your stories and successes daily.
  • Partnership opportunities for each of our events and programs allow members to put their best face forward to employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

We Help Useful Information Flow Faster

KSA’s weekly newsletter, @KendallNow, is the go-to resource for community announcements, insights, and events, and our COVID-19 web page features regular updates to help you discern how to move forward and give back. You can count on us to send you only the important information. Look out for emails from our team as we share the tailored news you need.

Join us for our 2020 Annual Meeting “Kendall Together” on June 9, 2020.

KSA enables the future by connecting the people who are changing the world. Now more than ever, it is critical we stay together. For more information on membership or to share your Kendall story email us at