Did you know today’s the 51st Earth Day? That’s it – 51! When we think about our planet and the things that human beings have created – vaccines, for one – it is almost odd to think that the state of our planet sat on the back burner for so long.

Now in 2021, we’re continuing to evolve the way we collaborate to create a healthier planet. Not just on Earth Day, but everyday. Since Kendall Square is seen as the leader in innovation in science, it only makes sense that we are leaders in combating climate change. Many organizations are using this holiday as an opportunity to engage their employees and advance their long-term organizational values. We encourage you to be inspired by these projects, but we also want to hear from you. What are your plans to make Earth Day and green initiatives a priority all year long? Let us know in the form below.


The team at Pfizer has been getting their hands dirty literally through planting Butterfly Garden seed mix packets. It’s to help raise awareness and support for Monarch butterflies which are severely stressed due to a variety of factors, in particular the loss of milkweed.

The Cambridge campus also collaborated with Groton and Sandford to sponsor the “Green Speakers Series,” one virtual presentation per day from April 26-30. Topics range from carbon capture technology in brewing operations to installing solar power at home. This gives Pfizer employees an opportunity to take a moment with their teammates to learn about new subject area they can apply outside of the workplace.

BioMed Realty

In recent years, BioMed Realty has taken to planting trees in honor of their tenants, but since the pandemic they are upping their contributions. Last year, they donated to COREGIVING, a nonprofit corporation that combats childhood hunger by supporting local food banks and organizations, including those in core life science markets of Boston and Cambridge. 

This year, they are encouraging their tenants and others to give back in a green way within their own neighborhood, documenting their contributions along the way via photos…because “pics prove it happened.” Those who send photos to propertymanagement@biomedrealty.com by April 30 have a chance to win some fun prizes!


Involving their employees in Earth Day is the name of the game this year for this pharma group! Leading up to Earth Day, management was encouraging their teammates to drop off personal e-waste at their Massachusetts offices. They continue to amplify the importance of green thinking through daily Earth Day quizzes via Slack and having everyone swap their own tips on how to best give back to the planet.

Some employees are also volunteering their time by helping Dorchester-based nonprofit ReVision Urban Farm to prep for the upcoming growing season!

The Broad Institute

Research giant Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is all hands on deck for Earth Day 2021! Starting with a volunteer team at Green Cambridge Community Garden. While there, Broad teammates will help manage vegetables that will go to local food pantries and distribution centers.

As a whole, Broad is encouraging their staff to participate in Earth Day through a multitude of unique activities. They are piloting the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge to promote best practices in cold storage management. Only in Cambridge, right?

Charles River Laboratories

Always passionate about global health and research, Charles River looks inward to expel good Earth Day practices outward. Most recently, they released their Corporate Citizenship Report to highlight what they have achieved and what goals they have set for themselves. One notable accomplishment is their commitment to renewable energy. At the close of 2020, 38% of their electricity utilized globally is from renewable sources. And they are hoping to achieve 100% renewable electricity around the globe by 2030.


Another company looking to involve its employees in Earth Day initiatives in Ambam, a leader in protein research. Throughout the week, teammates are encouraged to step up their green habits – or ditch the less green ones. For some, this could mean not using single-use utensils for lunch anymore, or committing to a reusable bag for errands. Abcam made sure to give their employees the resources they need to switch out for more sustainable products!

Life Science Cares

This Earth Day, Life Science Cares engaged companies to build & donate Gardening Kits for CitySprouts’ students. CitySprouts uses an urban schoolyard garden model to cultivate wonder and hands-on science education for public elementary and middle schools in Boston and Cambridge. Seventy-five students participating in this year’s virtual/hybrid summer program will receive a gardening kit stocked by Life Science Cares’ member companies with soil, pots, seeds, and seedlings, a YA novel to read as a group, craft supplies, science journals, pencils, and more.

Looking for even more inspiration? You can get more resources here for this year’s Earth Day and beyond! And don’t forget – let us know what your team is doing today and all year to create more green goals within your company. This way we can help amplify Kendall’s leadership in global health.

Earth Day & Green Initiatives in Kendall Square