The Urban Park Roof Garden redevelopment is finally here! Located at 325 Main Street is an open air green space that is fully accessible to the public. This oasis offers free public programming from cooking demonstrations to workouts— and even boasts a pickle ball court.

We sat down with Bryan Koop, Executive Vice President for Boston Properties, Boston Region to learn more about Kendall’s much anticipated public garden and how everyone can access it.

Tell us, in your own words, what makes the remodeled Urban Park Roof Garden so special? 

The new Urban Park (UP) roof garden at Kendall Center is a garden oasis located in the heart of Kendall Square. The landscaping, artwork, programming, and built-in-amenities all come together to form the perfect place for both active and passive enjoyment. It’s a special project in that this park is beloved by the Cambridge community and through the re-envisioning and redevelopment we were able to improve upon its accessibility and create new opportunities for engagement through public art and programming.

What’s your favorite part of this green space?

The public art that was curated as part of the Urban Park (UP) development is very special. We worked with a number of talented local artists to create sculptures and murals that complement the park design, add an element of vibrancy and color, and provide photo opportunities for locals and visitors. Our goal was to create a memorable space based on thoughtful design & detail — from the park design to furniture selection and art curation.

How would you like to see Cambridge residents engage with this space?

We hope the Cambridge community will engage in the space in whatever way they individually want to. Whether you’re looking for a quiet nook to read, attending a cooking class in the kitchen space, or enjoying a picnic dinner and live music performance on the lawn — there is an experience for everyone to discover at UP. We’re especially excited to welcome the Cambridge community back to the roof garden through a series of exciting public events and programs. To learn more, visit or follow us on Instagram at @kendallcntr.  

What was it like partnering with the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority on this project?

The CRA has been an extraordinary partner in bringing the Urban Park (UP) to life. From design through programming ideation, the CRA has been an enthusiastic supporter of the project.