“KSA is a convener that keeps people connected throughout our local innovation ecosystem and helps to foster partnerships. Thanks to KSA, we have had the ability to participate in critical conversations, debate approaches, and be coordinated as an ecosystem to tackle challenges as they unfolded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we are mostly back in Kendall, we can also continue to drive forward additional important longer-term agendas like transportation and racial equity.”

Michal Preminger, KSA Board Member and Regional Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC, East North America

“I learned so much from people of different professional and cultural backgrounds – and that experience was really enlightening. Even as someone who works professionally in this field, I experienced different perspectives and gained new tools I could use. Understanding the intersection between critical race theory and organization theory in new ways was significantly helpful to bring back to my team at Microsoft.”

Tarikh Campbell, Inclusion Drives Innovation Host Committee Member and Senior Program Manager for Workplace Inclusion at Microsoft  

“We have an opportunity in Kendall to address challenges in the most innovative way in the country and there is no greater group of minds than KSA to help us work together. Working with the KSA gets me ahead of the curve on a lot of issues. Hearing from other leaders about their problems today, helps me plan for tomorrow’s solutions.”

Mark Moreau, Future of Work Task Force Member and General Manager at CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center)