The Loop Lab strives to bridge the digital divide and create opportunities for underserved communities, aiming to equip young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in the digital age. Through mentorship, training programs, and access to cutting-edge resources, the Loop Lab fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where young minds can thrive and unlock their full potential. 

Learn about the exciting initiatives, activations, talent, and more happening over at Loop Lab this summer.

Tell us about your journey to Loop Lab.

My journey to Loop Lab began with a passion for empowering underrepresented voices in the media and audio industries as a youth. My mother, Renee Hope, at one point, was an aspiring camera woman in the 90s who was talented and passionate about media. However as a Black Woman in media in the 90s, she was heavily discouraged from pursuing her dreams the media industry because of racism and sexism. Years of depression and eventual drug abuse followed, which ultimately contributed to her death due to overdose at the age of 57.  This created in me the strong belief in the power of education and hands-on experience to create opportunities for aspiring artists and professionals, particularly for women and people of color. It has been an incredible journey to witness the transformative impact we have had on the lives of our apprentices and the broader community.

What’s your favorite project or campaign that you are working on right now?

Currently, my favorite project is our “A Dialogue with Audible” campaign. It focuses on providing advanced training and mentorship to our apprentices in film production. In partnership with one of our Kendall partners, Audible, this campaign allows them to develop their skills, express their creativity, and amplify their voices through high-quality film content. It’s inspiring to see our apprentices grow and gain confidence as they produce meaningful and impactful work.

What was Loop Lab doing at SXSW this year?

This year, The Loop Lab was invited by our organizational partner, Jobs for the Future, to produce a national podcast on apprenticeship learning. I was also invited to serve as a panelist. We were actively engaged at SXSW EDU, one of the premier events in the education, media and technology industry. We participated in panel discussions, showcasing our expertise in fostering diversity and inclusion within the audio and media sectors. Our team also connected with industry leaders including the U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardoza, explored emerging trends, and shared our experiences and successes in empowering underrepresented talent.

What does this summer look like at the Loop Lab?

This summer promises to be an exciting and dynamic time at the Loop Lab. We have an array of immersive programs and workshops lined up for our incoming class of apprentices, focusing on advanced media production techniques including a drone piloting course that we are opening to the public. We are collaborating with Boston mayor Michelle Wu to launch the City of Boston Mayor’s Office Film & Media Production Award, to provide in-kind media support for Boston-based eligible emerging artists. Additionally, we are expanding into a larger location in Downtown Crossing at 45 Temple Place Boston MA.

How can Kendall companies collaborate and partner with your team and apprentices?

We welcome collaborations and partnerships with Kendall Square companies that share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology industries. Kendall Square companies can collaborate with our team by hiring our staff and alumni through our production studio Loop Lab studio for professional company headshots, live streaming, and video support. Some of our Kendall clients include Pfizer, MIT, and BioMed Realty. They can also support by offering mentorship opportunities, financially sponsoring our apprentices, offering space for demonstrations, site visits, providing industry expertise through guest lectures or workshops, providing computing/data storage, in-kind donations for equipment, or even hosting apprentices for internships. By joining forces together, we can create a stronger ecosystem that nurtures diverse talent, fosters innovation, and promotes positive social change.

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